Swamp Cooler Made My Carpets Wrinkle....

Last week I had an interesting conversation with client.  During the estimate process the home owner explained that they had lived in their house for five or six years and that every time spring/summer came around and they turned on their swamp cooler their carpets wrinkled.  He insisted that there must be something wrong with the carpet.  He was so frustrated he even had called several carpet stores in the area and they explained that humidity wrinkles carpet and that yes, the swamp cooler was the culprit.

This is furthest from truth...sort of.  While yes, turning on the swamp cooler did make the carpet wrinkle the truth lies in the install process. If the installers had followed the manufacture install protocol the carpet wrinkling from the swamp cooler being turned on would not be an issue.  There is a solution to the problem and that is to hire a carpet stretching company that will take the time to not use a knee kicker and follow the CRI 104 guidelines.  If these guidelines are not followed plan on the same issue of wrinkled carpets happening in the very near future.

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